Wednesday 4 May 2016

ESurient: Brother's Dosirak in Capel St., Dublin

Credits to Brother's Dosirak
Hello beautiful earthlings~

My friends have found a quaint Korean Restaurant Capel Street two weeks ago and I told them to bring me to this restaurant and I wanna try it out as many have been raving about it on Facebook.

Bank holiday Monday came and my friends brought me and a couple of friends there too.  This little restaurant is found inside an Asian supermarket and you have through walk pass a mini fish market to get into the restaurant.  Dosirak (도시락) apparently means lunch box that is similar to the Japanese's bento box. So Brother's Dosirak means Brother's lunch box!

We were there around 5:30 PM and the restaurant was quite packed.  Some of customers tried to get the chef's attention and greeted us with his big hello.  The staff on their lunch break stood up from the seats and offered it to us.  This really surprised me in such a good way.

The chef asked us where we all were from and we said we are locals from Dublin.  He then guessed that we are Filipinos.

The chef explained that there is only one item from their menu and it changes every day.  He asked us to wait for about 10 minutes as the rice was still cooking and told us to help ourselves with the soup which was self-service.

The soup of the day was vegetable soup and has the same consistency of an Irish veggie soup.

Rich, Crys (@crystalleliceralde) and me
Bianca ( and Franz (@franco_travel)
While we waited for the food, we took photos and enjoyed each other's company haha

Once the food came, we paid for it immediately.  The meal came with a three side dishes of kimchi, salad and lasagna.

The main course was a steak burger and rice.  And we even got a tiny dessert served in a disposable shot glass which was a chocolate Guinness mousse!

Though the food changes every day, the price stays the same at €7.95.

If you ask if it is worth it, I'll say yes.  This is such a deal for having such a big meal! Typical restaurants would be asking you to pay a minimum of €10 for this meal.  The staff are friendly and will have a conversation with you on not so busy times and also, THE FOOD IS GOOD! I was no longer hangry after that! Haha

They will definitely see me come back again to try their other menus. Oh, they also have free WiFi for those who cannot live without it haha

I hope you enjoyed this blog post.  I will be editing the blog post for our second day in DBV straight after this!  See you in the next blog post!

Peace and Love,
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P.S. (Update 06 May 2016)

My friends and I went there today(already twice this week) since they posted on their Facebook page about their menu of the day.  It was Korean BBQ ribs (갈비), spicy and sweet crispy fried chicken (닭강정), kimchi, salad, seaweed soup and their dessert.

I recommend for people to sit where the kitchen area is as you will get to talk and have a conversation of the chef and the other staff.  You will get to know them and about the food they serve.  The chef explained to us why he has an open kitchen for his restaurant.  He said it is because he wanted to first of all see the peoples' smiles when they finish eating due to the delicious food and also to have conversations with the customers.  He encouraged us to ask what he was doing and he could give us simple recipes to do the dishes at home.

So sit at the kitchen area if possible!

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