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EsTrails/Review: Guest House Old Town View in Dubrovnik, Croatia

The view out of the balcony of our apartment
Hello beautiful earthlings!

I know it has been a while yet again T__T I am sorry for the lack of update but I am back and  have a few posts up my sleeve.  My friends and I have holidayed in the beautiful town of Dubrovnik in Croatia.  The flight is about 3 hours from Dublin with Aer Lingus and we stayed in an apartment located in Gornji Kono.

The apartment we stayed in Gornji Kono, Kriva 7 called Guest House Old Town View is just 10-15 minutes away from Dubrovnik's beautiful Old Town.  We purchased our accommodation through and got a very reasonable price.  The accommodation we got was the one bedroom apartment with a balcony and sea view that can accommodate up to 5 people.  The apartment cost us about €65 each between 5 people.

Since we got our accommodation so cheap, I did not expect much.  The reviews of TripAdvisor were not great while the reviews in were decent but without any further information that I wanted to know.

The location of apartment is 20 minutes away from Dubrovnik Airport (I actually timed it from our apartment to the airport).  When we got to our accommodation on our first day, our host/the host's son greeted us (our airport transfer called the host that we were already outside) and brought us to our apartment.
WARNING: There will be a lot of stairs.  We had two 20 kg luggages plus five 10 kg hand carry luggages so it was a bit of a workout as there were no elevators!  This made us think that this was the catch with the cheap price of our accommodation.

But despite the bad start, we managed to love our apartment.

The apartment was so clean and spotless, even the fridge! The fridge can sometimes be a nightmare when it comes to self-catering accommodations.  There were utensils provided from teaspoons and mugs, plates and also some cooking pans.

There were instant coffee and sugar too.  I found out on our last day that was also a coffee maker. This would make coffee lovers happy especially those who are not into instant coffee.

Our host Gordana was kind enough to give us a welcoming present.  It was her homemade blueberry brandy and it was delicious!

There were two bedrooms in the living room and it was also where the air conditioner was located.

There was a long sofa across the two beds where another person could crash.  But in our case, that was where we dumped all our stuff when entering the apartment after gallivanting.

There was also a shelf in the living room with a small wardrobe attached.  There is a standard TV with some books n English and in Croatian.

There was a queen sized bed and a single bed in the room.  There were two night stands as well, and a wardrobe and a desk at the edge of the room.

The bathroom was clean and we had extra toilet papers stored in the sink's cupboard.  There were essential toiletries provided as well.  The host also provided us with clean towels and there were a lot of them which we (if not I) highly appreciated.

After showing us the apartment, the host's son gave us a map of the town and gave us some tips on how to get there, which buses to take and where to go for the nightlife.  He also answered my friend's question about certain bus stops/places due to our excursions.  He then asked for our passports and photocopied them for "security" purposes (I'm not even sure if that is the right word for it but I was not shocked when he asked for our passports since accommodations we stayed in before asked for our passports).  After 5 minutes, he gave our passports back and told us that if we needed anything, we could just go to their house which was just upstairs from our apartment.  He also gave us Gordana's phone number and email if we preferred to communicate by those means.

We were kinda surprised that he did not asked for the money straight away.  We found a letter on our kitchen table that Gordana wanted to meet us and then give the money.  She gave us the option to pay in Euro or in Kuna.

Here is a non-compulsory selca of me. Actually, I was just photobombing the beautiful view of our apartment.

I would definitely recommend this apartment for those looking for an accommodation in Dubrovnik.  The value for money is 5 out 5.  Dubrovnik is not a cheap destination so we saved up a lot with this accommodation.  There were times that we would take the taxi home because it is a TREK to climb up all the stairs from the Old Town all the up to our apartment.  The taxi fare would cost us between 20 kunas each which is roughly about 3 euros.

So that is it for now.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask and leave it in the comments and I will get back to you!  Please look forward for my future posts!

Peace and Love,
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