Monday 2 May 2016

EsTrails: Day 1 in Dubrovnik, Croatia

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Yes I have finally fulfilled my word it terms of updating frequently this month :D I hope you all had a wonderful bank holiday weekend.  This post is dedicated to our first day in Dubrovnik. Just to let you know, this is a photo heavy post! As if that's something new in my posts haha!

We arrived in sunny Dubrovnik at around 12:30 PM from Dublin via a direct flight from Aer Lingus.  My friend Louise arranged our transfers and waited for us at the arrival gate.  Our return airport transfer to our accommodation cost us about €18 each between 5 people.  We got a van that can fit the five of us plus two big luggages and five hand carry ones.

Louise striking a demure pose while we cross the road XD
We already had an itinerary before coming to Dubrovnik.  I am that kind of person since I dislike wasting time doing nothing or thinking of what to do next.

Our group decided that we would just explore Old Town and walk its walls since we figured we could not do much excursions after arriving and settling almost late in the afternoon.  Our accommodation is just 10 minutes away from the Old Town so we decided to walk down.

Make sure you have your cameras ready if you decide to make your way to the Old Town by foot.  Every single pathway we go through is so picturesque and Instagram worthy that it takes us almost double the time to get to Old Town as we always manage to have a mini photoshoot! Haha

Dubravka Restaurant's outside seating area with a sea view and view of the Wall
We exchanged our money in Dubravka's souvenir shop which is just near the entrance of Pile Gate.  We then decided to have lunch at Dubravka Restaurant.  It is the first restaurant on the right side of Pile Gate.

Seafood Platter
I am unfortunate that I could not take a bite out of this fresh seafood platter that most of my friends truly indulged >_<

Grilled salmon with steamed veggies
I opted for something that my system can handle and that would not give me any allergies, so grilled salmon it is.  It was SO good!

Chicken pasta
We recommend people to eat here as the food was great and the staff were so friendly and attentive.

"Limang Bibe" troop goals hahaha XD (minus me, plus the random lady in the background)
After our lunch, we were so excited to enter through Pile Gate. I admire this photo I took of our group.

Walked through the set where Joffrey from Game of Thrones was thrown poop by the crowds in Season 1. I was having a fangirl moment.

Missing our youngest sister Nikki
I totally fangirled when I saw Stradun. If only my friends recorded my facial expressions! Stradun is beautiful and somewhat slippery! They seem to use good floorwax! Haha

Stradun is definitely Instagram/Tumblr worthy. All of us are trying to have our mini photoshoot on top of each other, as you can see from the photo above.

Dubrovnik Cathedral
95% of Croatians are apparently Roman Catholics.  We were surprised that there were a lot of churches in Old Town.

It has been a "tradition" (I don't think habit is the word that I am looking for) between my best friend Rich and I to light a candle whenever we enter a church that we haven't been before.  Old sayings said that a prayer will come true so doing that would not hurt anyone.

My best friend Rich
Roshan looking very Shay Mitchell-esque in my opinion

After roaming Old Town, we headed over to walk the Walls of Dubrovnik.  Entrance fee is 120 KN which is about €16.  I cannot remember what time this opens at but it closes at 6 PM.

View from the first steps of the Wall

I had to photobomb the view haha. I was really enthralled by the view on top of the Wall.  Some of the steps on the Wall are quite steep and narrow so  advise that you guys watch where you are going to avoid slipping.

Louise is our little supermodel showing off Lokrum Island XD

Walking around the Wall took us about 2 and a half hours.  Make sure you bring a bottle of water with you or you would end up dehydrated like us.  And wear sunscreen when you decided to walk the Wall on a sunny day.

Skalin Pizzeria
We decided to have dinner in Skalin Pizzeria.  It just around Old Town right beside Hitlon Imperial.

I had the Bosnian ćevapčići which is made out of meat sausage served with bread that is similar to naan bread and with sauce to the side.

Octopus pasta

We decided to take the difficult route and walk home to our apartment.  There were A LOT of steps.  It felt worse that the gym but the scenery was breathtaking (literally).  Excuse the blurry photo but it is the most decent one that I have.

Watch my vlog on our first day:

I hope you guys have enjoyed reading/scrolling through this post. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments.  Comments in general are greatly appreciated!

Wishing you all a good week ahead! And see you in my next post!

Peace and Love,
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