Wednesday 12 August 2015

Food: Brunch at Sett Food

Hello beautiful earthlings!

I am back with another food post! Yes it is a food post but seriously, who are we to complain? FOOD IS LIFE! Well, for me it is!

My friends and I had brunch at Sett Food which is located in South William Street in Dublin.  My friend Bianca said that Sett Food is a pop-up restaurant in 52 South William Bar and invited us for brunch.  They advertized on Facebook that they are doing a €5 deal on all their burgers between 12-1 PM.

When we got there (apparently we were the first customers that day), we were asked if we wanted to sit outside or inside.  I regretted not sitting inside. It's not that the view or the ambiance outside was bad but look at the interior of the restaurant!

Isn't it pretty? (I lack the words in describing it, if you have a better word than pretty do share.) Okay, let's just say it is amazing. I quite like the ambiance inside: casual and comfortable. And those two are my two favourite things combined.

As we were seated, our server Justin gave us the menu and also did a little introduction on what they do, what they serve and who they are.  This is something you usually would never get from any restaurants here in Dublin.  He also gave us recommendations on which burgers to get since we have mentioned that we are especially there for their burger deal.

He recommended us to get their venison burger which was their specialty.  He then also said they make all the food they serve from scratch! Talk about homemade!

This poster sums up what is in their burger. Handy to know what goes in your food right?

I love how accommodating the staff are in this place.  Justin explained that our order of chicken wings could be a little delayed since their delivery has not come yet.  I prefer being informed than not knowing when my food will arrive.

So here is the venison burger that I ordered served with fries or chips as they call it here in Ireland.  I love how the portion is huge for the price we paid.  Also, they were not stingy when it comes to the portion of the meat!   I also have tasted their beef burger that my friend ordered.  Their venison burger is a lot juicier and tastier than the beef and that is what I recommend when you are going to this place.

We were also given their homemade ketchup and mayonnaise.  They both tasted good! The ketchup tasted fresh and not salty at all compared to what you would get from the generic ketchup bottle.

My friend and I got pesto chicken wings to share.  There was about 10 wings but our server mentioned throwing in a few wings! Isn't that great?  The chicken wings was tossed in their homemade pesto dressing with almond and poppy seeds as I could recall.

We were recommended to dip the chicken wings with the mayo as the flavours complimented each other well, and he was right! It was a unique flavour that I want to have again!

Our overall experience with this restaurant was great.  Do I recommend it? Yes, I highly recommend it.  I would still get their burgers at the usual price which is around €8.  For that price and tasty food, you can never go wrong.  Will I go go back? Heck yes and maybe I will try their version of a sloppy joe!

I hope you all enjoyed this food blog post. Let me know what you think and have an amazing week!

Peace & Love!
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P.S. I am still currently in the process of transferring all my travel photos in my computer but it takes a lot of time and patience especially when you have a slow and dying laptop. 

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