Wednesday 26 August 2015

EsTrails/Review: Gusti Bed & Breakfast, Singapore

Hello beautiful earthlings!
Didn't I say in the last post we'd meet in a Singapore related post? This post is dedicated towards the accommodation we stayed in Singapore.
We found out about Gusti B&B through Agoda and booked there.  However, you could also book your stay directly at Gusti's website.
Gusti is more of a hostel type accommodation and it was not that difficult to be located as long as you'd have the exact address with you.  It is located in the Lavender area and is well situated.  Right beside the B&B is a cafe that specializes in cute pastries.  It was such a shame that I didn't get to eat there.  There was also Burger King around the area, 7-Eleven, and a shopping centre with a lot of food stalls.

When we got outside the door of the accommodation, we were greeted with a lot of stairs!  There was no elevator and it was quite difficult for us since we had three huge luggages with 20 kilos each plus our little hand carry luggages.  This is just a little head's up to those considering this.
Before entering the reception or any floors, we had to take off our shoes.  This is a huge thing in the Asian culture.

We were greeted by Audrey, the owner of the place.  She is fluent in English and it was so easy to communicate with her.  She was really lovely to us and very helpful and friendly.  She gave us plenty of advice when it comes to roaming around the city and answered all the questions we had.  She even gave us her mobile number so if we had any problems and questions, we can just message her through Viber and she would reply to any of the queries.

This was the kitchen area of our floor which was on the third floor. The kitchen provided all the utensils needed when we had breakfast.   For breakfast, the staff would leave a loaf of bread with several spreads at the counter with the toaster.
There was also a note on the sink saying that we should look after ourselves and leave the kitchen neat as we found it.

Gusti does not offer private or en suite bathrooms.  All the bathrooms are shared with the other guests.  We hesitated at first since we really did not like sharing our bathroom with anyone but the bathrooms were clean. The staff would constantly clean the bathroom everyday.
The photos above were toilets from the 1st floor.  The bathroom we had in the 3rd floor had both the toilet and the shower in one cubicle.  Each floor would have two cubicles.

Each floor would have a different set up of living rooms.  This was our living room for four days.  I really enjoyed the decorations, especially the books!

There was also a dining area in the living room.  It was small enough, probably good for 6 people.
I unfortunately did not get to take a photo of our room but if you'd go to their website under "Rooms and Rates", there would be a photo featuring a room with three bunk beds. 
I would recommend this accommodation who are in a budget.  I personally think that this place would suit students or friends travelling together.  I would not really recommend it for families with smaller children since the accommodation requests all guest to observe silence all the time.
The wifi connection was great when we stayed there.  Each floor had it's own wifi connection therefore guests did not have to worry about poor connectivity.
I have some clips of Gusti B&B in my vlog here:
I hope that this post is somewhat helpful especially to those who are looking for accommodations to stay in Singapore.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact the place or even me.
Have a lovely week ahead!
Peace & Love!
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