Wednesday 19 August 2015

EsTrails: Batu Caves, KL

Hello beautiful earthlings!
This is actually  my second last KL post!
So like the title suggest, this is a post dedicated on our trip to Batu Caves.  It is about 20 minutes away from the hotel we stayed in which is located in the Bukit Bintang area as far as I know.

We were amazed by the huge statue right in front of the caves.  I was also impressed with the details on the temples!

According to our taxi driver, the steps to go inside the cave was 270! Or it could be more! This place will surely test your fitness level!

Here are the opening and closing hours of the cave.  I bet it would have been pretty at night!

A little tip for the ladies going there, avoid wearing shorts and short skirts! They are not allowed and you'd have to rent a scarf to cover your legs.  Renting those does not cost much.  You would have to pay 5 RM and they would give you back 2 RM once you return it back at the bottom of the cave.
I was wearing a transparent maxi skirt but it was not allowed either :(
I know it is impossible to not wear shorts or short skirts because of the hot weather, so just bring a large scarf that can cover your legs instead!

As we were going up the stairs to the cave, we noticed a bunch of monkeys around the side.  I knew this because my classmate who went here before mentioned it to me.  He also said that we should not bring food because the monkeys would take it from us.

I had to take a break from walking up the stairs because it was tiring!

I was delighted I beat that 270 steps!

This was the first thing we saw when we got to the top.

This is what the cave looked like.

There were a couple of mini-temples in the cave where people were actually praying.

This was me wearing the rented scarf.  The ladies at the bottom wrapped it around our waists so we didn't have to worry about retying it.

Another tip if you go here, wear appropriate footwear!  My sandals were comfortable to wear but the stairs made things a little difficult for my poor feet!

The lighting in this photo is poor but let's just enjoy the silhouettes of the statues above me.
Going there was quite an experience starting from going up to the caves to going down. I do recommend it to those going to Kuala Lumpur.  Even if you don't practice Hinduism, go and admire the statues as a form of artwork and have a little exercise! Haha
Watch my KL vlog here and see me and my sister get out of breath halfway through the 270 steps:
I still have one more KL related post! So see you there! Have an amazing week!
Peace & Love!
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