Thursday 13 August 2015


Hello beautiful earhtlings!

Here is one of the travel posts that I have promised.  I would like to fit my Kuala Lumpur post into one, but it would end up as a very long post filled with dozens of photos.   So I decided to split them into the attractions we visited.

There is no direct flight from Dublin to Kuala Lumpur so we headed over to Amsterdam.  My mom and I decided to take selcas while waiting for the boarding call.  The airline we travelled with was Malaysia Airlines.  I know what you are thinking. I  had the same thoughts back when we purchased the tickets.  It was the cheapest flight we could get going to Manila.  Kuala Lumpur was just a day stop-over.

To be honest, I honestly like Malaysia Airlines.  The service was really good and the food was amazing!  The flight was smooth enough that I did not get airsick.  It could not be helped that turbulence would occur here and there during the flight, but I held on to my dear seat and prayed so bad for safety.

Since our flight was a 12-hour flight, we had food for free.  The first meal we had was for dinner and I chose the tuna lasagne.  It was SO good that I am thinking of making one here at home.

My sister Steffi got the spicy beef and it was delicious as well!  Steffi does not really like spicy food so we just shared half of what we got.

A couple hours later, we were given snacks to munch on as we watch the in-flight movies.  I just watched movies that I have already seen so if in case I'd fall asleep, I wouldn't miss much. I watched Stupid Crazy Love starring Emma Stone.  She is one of my girl crushes! She is so beautiful!

A couple of hours and sleep later, we were served our breakfast. I had the typical breakfast: omelette and sausage.  They also served shrimps and rice but I couldn't take that since I'm allergic to shellfish.

I like travelling but sitting on a long haul flight makes me really uncomfortable! It hurts my butt okay and I can never sleep well.  I was delighted to see that we were fast approaching KL!

When we got there, we got a taxi from the taxi booths inside the airport.  I have read a couple of posts in TripAdvisor that it would have been safer if the taxi was from the airport.  For the 6 of us plus 30kg luggages each and carry on bags, we had to get a van to our hotel in Jakat Changkat Thambi Dollah. As far as I could remember it was around 150 RM which was about €34.  It was not bad considering that our hotel was 45 minutes away from the airport.

We were so excited to step foot in Asia since it has been 4 years since I last visited.  The first thing that happened to us in Kuala Lumpur was that our rented taxi van broke down in the middle of the toll gate.

It was about 9 AM when we got stranded and the weather was getting so hot.  And we weren't used to the hot, humid weather.

But thank God our taxi driver did not leave us hanging. He called one of his colleagues to pick us up and bring us to the hotel.

I was so excited to be back in Asia.  The things you would see here are the things I would not see in Ireland.  And I was amazed at this person taking his scooter in the main road!  This was something you would not see in Ireland.

Here's a vlog of our whole day in Kuala Lumpur.  Do check it out!

Please look forward for more travel posts.  I will be posting another one after this! :D
Peace & Love!
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