Wednesday 12 August 2015

Food: Sweet Republic

Hello beautiful earthlings! (Am I not a roll or not?! :D)

After brunch the other day at Sett Food, we went over to Sweet Republic for desserts.  It is a store specializing in desserts by Decobake.  It is located in Bachelor's Walk where the old Decobake store was.

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Their menu offers coffee, ice-cream and other sweet desserts.

The store is so colourful inside and looks so sweet with the colour schemes and of course the food they have on display.

They were quite busy when we got there that almost all of the seats were taken.

The reason we came here was to try their Shake It Up milkshake that is served in a mason jar. The hipster in us wanted to try that actually.

Most of us ordered the milkshake so I decided to just get their ice-cream in a waffle basket since they advertized in their store.  The ice-cream they serve is supplied by Maud's.

If you get an ice-cream, they offer you unlimited toppings. I just chose the nuts on top of mine.

I was kinda disappointed that I did not get what exactly was in the photo but I guess it would have been messy if it wasn't for the tub? I got two scoops of ice-cream: Guinness and peanut butter.  The waffle basket was at the bottom of the ice-cream scoops.

Bianca got the smores milkshake. And it was too sweet for my liking.

My sister Nikki got the Nutella milkshake.  This tasted better than the smores.  But the best out of all was the oreo as it had a bitter taste in it the it complimented with the sweetness of the shake.  It took them a while to serve us the milkshakes. I think it could be because they ran out of jars.

While we waited for the rest of our orders, we played Jenga.  It was just at their table that any customers could use.

And here I am taking a sip of the smore milkshake.

The staff were really friendly though they got a lot of orders mixed up since they were busy at the time we were there.  I suggest that maybe they could give customers numbered receipts so that they'd know who ordered what.  I also did not like that they kept coming over to check if we were finished their our drinks.   We thought maybe they'd come to warn us to keep the noise level down since we were playing Jenga. So we figured that maybe the reason why they were looking at us was to check if the milkshakes were done so they could use them for the other orders since they were quite popular.

I like the ice-cream they served since I am a fan of Maud's ice-cream.  Would I come back again? Maybe, and next time maybe I will try their blue smurf milkshake or their cupcakes since that is what they specialize in.

Peace & Love!
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