Monday 12 May 2014

Beyond Happy

I had my Economics exam this morning and I was so nervous and scared. So I said my prayers that God may give me the courage to face this exam and guidance. A couple hours later, when I saw the questions, they all spoke to me! I have studied every single part! I was delighted so I gave a big thanks to the Big Guy up there.

In the evening, my friend and I were talking about God and our faith. She then quoted the lyrics of the song God is Able by Hillsong. I listened to it and said a little prayer.

The lyrics:

"God is for us  
He has open arms 
He will never fail us 
He will never fail us"
moved me to tears and made me feel God's love for me. I am such a blessed child of God!

A couple of minutes, I opened my blog to write up this post but then I noticed that I received a comment! It was from Miss Sophie of  She said that she had nominated me as one of the blogs that inspires her! I am so honoured, speechless and beyond happy!
My blog is nowhere as good as hers or as good as the bloggers she has mentioned! So I am still wondering how I fit in that category but I am so blessed! Thank you Miss Sophie! And thank you to my Lord!

I hope to improve my blog as soon as my semester finals finished! And do the "very inspiring blog" award post! Also I have so much reviews piled up and ideas and hopefully I'll learn how to give this blog a new makeover!
Wishing everyone a great week ahead! Be happy and stay happy!

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