Sunday 18 May 2014

Review: Elf Matte Finisher VS Wet N Wild Matte Top Coat

Hi beautiful people of the blogosphere~
In this blog post, I will be reviewing and comparing matte top coats from ELF and Wet N Wild. Both are afforable in price but which one stands out more than the other?

Wet N Wild Matte Top Coat
I applied one coat of the Wet N Wild Matte Top Coat just on my ring fingernail
Here's what the brush applicator looks like.
(Sorry for the bad photo. The camera could not detect the brush)

  • PROs
    • Price - I bought it for only € 1.99 at Penney's.  It is also available at Dunnes Stores
    • Drying time - It dries instantly! So a big yay!
    • Availability - The product can be found all over Dublin with its carriers
  • CONs
    • Can be streaky when applied improperly
    • "Matte duration" - Keeps your nail polish matte on the first day of application however the polish would then have a bit of shine on the second day making it semi-matte
ELF Matte Finisher

I applied one coat of the ELF Matte Finisher on the middle finger nail as labelled above
The brush applicator of the ELF Matte Finisher
  • PROs
    • Price - I bought it for € 3.06 at ELF's UK website
    • Drying time - It dries quickly the same as the Wet N Wild
  • CONs
    • Scent - This has a strong scent that gives me headaches and it stays for about a day or two in your nails. Also the scent lingers in your room for so long without proper ventilation
    • Availability - Others might find it a disadvantage that you can only buy this product online (Well in Ireland we don't have stalls of ELF). Others are not too keen on buying products online
    • "Matte duration" - The matte-ness of the nail polish fades as the days goes by. It is very matte on the first day of application but then on the second day and so on, the matte-ness tends to fade and turns your polish to its original texture
Here's a gif that I made of comparing the two polishes on Day 1 and 2 with a flash on my camera
  • You can see that on Day 1, both matte top coats give the same matte texture
  • On Day 2, you can see that WNW's matte top coat is still matte compared to ELF's which gives a shine
  • Also the WNW is cheaper compared to ELF and it's more available to me. From this you can see that I would probably repurchase WNW instead of ELF

I hope that this is very helpful and informative enough for you guys. I also hope that you enjoyed this post. Please forgive my terrible gif. I got lazy to edit it further for it to look properly! Haha
Wishing everyone a happy and beautiful day!

Stay blessed!

Disclaimer: I am not paid for both brands to do this review. I purchased both products with my own money.

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