Monday 5 May 2014

Manicure Monday: Wet N Wild's Disturbia

For this week's Manicure Monday, I've decided to wear Wet N Wild's Megalast nail polish in Disturbia. It's a deep purple nail polish (almost black at times) with tiny fuchsia specks.

The polish looks almost black in this photo

Yeah my manicure skills are not that good.  But here's my thoughts about the polish

  • PRO
    • Price - It's really affordable at the price of €2.99 for the bottle which is 13.5 ml
    • Drying time - It dries really quick
    • Does not streak - The polish does not streak at the second coating which some polishes do
    • Lasting power - I am very impressed with the Megalast polish line.  I have tested this polish before and I had worn it for 5 days and there was no chipping whatsoever!
  • CON
    • I can't think of anything!
I hope you enjoyed reading this well I don't think people read my blog anyways but it's just my log of the beauty products I use and what not. Have a good week~

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