Monday 19 May 2014

Manicure Monday: Wet N Wild's On A Trip

Hello beautiful people! My last Manicure Monday post was two weeks ago and I'm sorry about that. I was busy with my semester 2 exams. I actually found it irritating that I could not even find the time to change my nail polish! I'm the type that finds happiness in something small and simple like eating good food, or drinking a warm cup of green tea and/or painting my nails! Having fresh painted nails makes me happy and gives me a sense of femininity during exam weeks when I think I look like a caveman! Haha

Anyways for this weeks ManMon, I decided to go all lilac with Wet N Wild's On A Trip. It's a very lilac colour with blue undertone. I actually had troubles taking a photo of this nail polish since the camera I normally use for my blog is Nikon Coolpix P90 showed the polish in almost a bluey kinda purple and I wanted to show the polish close to its colour so I just used my phone's camera. (My phone is S3 by the way if you guys are curious).

This is what the nail brush looks like. I forgot to put this in my previous Wet N Wild review.
Here's the colour difference of the polish under a camera flash and natural light.
If you guys are interested about this nail polish's pros and con click here.

I wish everyone a good, amazing week!

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