Sunday 29 March 2015

Food: Bean Boozled Challenge

Hello beautiful earthlings!

How have you all been? I hope everybody is having a fantastic week so far!

For this post, my sistars and I did the Bean Boozled Challenge! I bought the Bean Boozled at Candy Lab here in Dublin for €3.95.  I bought two boxes since I am going to share the other box to my fellow SFLs (shoutout to any of you reading this haha)

I actually bought two boxes to increase our chances to get four beans of each colour/flavour since there were four of us who did the challenge.

We enjoyed filming this challenge. I was quite lucky to get 5 nasty ones however I did not mind the 3 flavours except for one or two! It was skunk spray! Moldy cheese was not that bad but it tasted like Cheese Pimiento which I do not enjoy that much.

I was really curious on how they made the flavour.  I have mentioned in our video that when a company wants to create a product, they normally go through intensive research and development.  I wonder if the people in the R&D team had to eat boogers (or any of the nasty flavours) just to capture the taste and put it in their bean.  They probably got paid a lot to eat those! Haha

My sister told me to name this gif "Four different fan girl reactions"

See our video at why our reactions are like these!

I hope you enjoy watching the video and laugh a lot okay?!

Peace and Love!
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