Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Travel: London (Day 2)

Hello beautiful earthlings~
I was planning to put day 2 and 3 in just the one post but day 2 has so many photos that I decided to just separate the days. I didn't get to vlog much on the third day due to the heavy rain.
So here's day 2 of our trip!

They were having a fan girl moment when they saw these statues. And my sisters just had to seat beside Zayn.

I was having a total fan girl moment even if it was just Taylor Lautner's statue. I wonder if he is this tall in real life. The height difference would have been perfect!

With Audrey Hephburn - THE beauty icon! I love her looks so much that I had to queue and take a solo photo with her statue.

We are having a CL-ish moment with the 4D glasses in Madame Tussauds. We were waiting in the lobby for the Avenger's experience.

After Madame Tussauds, we went to Japan Centre in Piccadilly to have lunch.  It was so busy and crowded when we got there since it was lunch rush hour.

One of the reasons why we went in Japan Centre was for these Green Tea Kitkats.  I had to resist buying since they were too expensive,

The two photos above were my lunch and it was a total of £13/14. I think the price was decent since the food was very good and compared to Dublin, we are looking at spending around €15 minimum to have sushi and another dish for lunch.

Tokyo Toys was our little playground and heaven! We got all excited when we got there because of the merchandise.

I was kinda upset leaving the place empty handed sine they did not have any Final Fantasy key chains.

After that, we went to M&M's World at Leicester Sqaure. It was so crowded when we went in since it was a 4/5 PM on a Saturday.

It was so difficult to take a photo with these four M&M's due to the crowd. A lot of people wanted to take a photo with them!

After that we headed over to the London Eye as our final paid attraction. The city is so beautiful!

In the vlog, I wrote down "Inside Big Ben" instead of "Inside London Eye". Excuse my mistake as looking at the photos and clips of us in London Eye looking at Big Ben managed to confuse my brain! Haha

Mandatory family photo of the group!

Here's our vlog for the day:

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know in the comment! :D

Peace & Love!

P.S. I got my signature sorted out! Took me HOURS to do that! Haha

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