Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Travel: London (Day 3 - Part 1)

Hello beautiful earthlings~

I wanted to put Day 3 of our London trip into one posts but there are way too many photos that I told myself I'd just divide it into 3 parts. Please look forward to those posts as I show you Platform 9 3/4 in King's Cross Station and the stores we went in Covent Garden.

But for now, in this post, I will show you our photos in Buckingham Palace and Krispy Kreme.

Customary family photo yet again but unfortunately I am not in this one since I took the photo.

We made a wish in this fountain. I told my sister to take a video of me flipping the coin but she only got the part that I got excited for flipping it right! Haha

Yes we had a selfie stick! It is handy whenever you are travelling but I would never use one for taking selcas/selfies on my own!

After Buckingham Palace, we went to Victoria Station to get Krispy Kreme!

We got the 2 dozen box they have on offer for less than £16! We bought a lot and I mean A LOT of donuts!

Woo Team Krispy Kreme!

A lot of people were staring at us for holding so many boxes of Krispy Kreme! When we went over to Platform 93/4, the staff were shocked with the amount of boxes we had. They were surprised to know that we don't have those bad boys here in Ireland!

I think this post has the funniest photo which was the Team Krispy Kreme! Haha!
Hope you enjoyed this post!

Peace & Love!

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