Monday 16 March 2015

Food: Tippenyaki Restaurant, Rathmines

Hello beautiful earthlings!

It has been a very long time since I last posted anything that is solely food related so here I am posting my very first Tippenyaki experience so feast your eyes or shield it if you are reading this with an empty stomach at 1 AM!

Beware that this is yet another photo-heavy post! I have 30 of them in this post! Yes I counted them since I have to put a watermark in every single one of them! (-_- #)

My friends invited me to have dinner on Thursday the 12th since the last time we have seen each other was at the airport on our way home back from London!  We went to Tippenyaki Restaurant in Rathmines.  It is just 15 minutes away from Dublin City Centre by bus (140, 15B and maybe a couple more that is unknown to me).

We made reservations the night before and requested that we wanted to be seated at the Tippenyaki bar.  Lucky for us that we went on a weekday since they said they are not that busy compared to Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.  I am guessing that it is going to be difficult to be seated at the Tippenyaki bar area during busy hours.

The place looks great with a fancy yet comfortable atmosphere (Do I make sense? Yes? No?) The place is very clean and spacious so you are guaranteed that you are not gonna hit someone when you move your chair a little backward to go to the toilet! Haha

Oh yes the infamous V-sign pose most (if not all) Asians do

And speaking of toilets, THEIR TOILET IS SO CLEAN! Well I can only speak on behalf of the ladies' toilet.  Men's toilet is probably going to be a lifetime mystery to me unless... I am kidding (I am pulling a funny here I know).  I have watched somewhere that you would know if a restaurant is clean if their toilet is clean.

The staff seated us right away.  We told them that we are still waiting for one more person in our party so he let us wait.  When our friend got there, he then gave us their menu.  Their student deal was for €15.95.  To be honest, this price is quite steep for students.  I looked at their standard menu and it is quite expensive but then again you also pay for your entertainment when you get there.

My sister's starter: Siomai made with chicken. I was delighted it was not prawns

I got the vegetable spring rolls for starter and it was good. It is not greasy compared to what you would normally get in a Chinese take out (or take away as we say it here in Ireland).

The highlight of this foodie trip was seeing the chef cook your food in front of you and does a couple of tricks and creates fire (he must be a fire bender!)

I ordered the Duck Teriyaki for my main course and it was served with bean sprout salad and crispy potatoes.

The chef made a heart with the rice and put it on fire and said "Heart Burn".  It took me a couple of seconds to get it and my friends laughed at me for it.

Girls' always have room for dessert!  The price range of their dessert is about €5-6.

Their selection of ice cream - vanilla, chocolate and strawberry

Sticky toffee crunch bombe

I had the banoffee pot.  It is a toffee and banana ice cream topped with toffee and hazelnuts.  It was good. The banana ice cream does not have that creamy, banana milk taste to it.  It was not that a big of deal to me but maybe others would find the taste weird since banana ice creams have that creaminess.

Hennessey plus a little fire from a lighter equals chef acting like he was a firebender. Haha  It was always fun whenever he would start a fire.

Look at those Firebending skills hahaha!

This impressed me so much (well everything impressed me like a little girl).  The onion rings were on fire like a volcano! The chef did Tippenyaki tricks here and there but the fire was the definite highlight.

I took a photo of the restaurant's business card just in case any of you might be interested.  I suggest that you should make a reservation to get yourselves seated in the "good seat" which was at the Tippenyaki bar.  You could just walk in the restaurant however, it is not always guaranteed that you would end up seating at the bar area.

I also made a vlog of our night there so please check it out when you have the time! It would mean a lot to me! Thank you!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and do check the restaurant out!

Peace & Love!

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