Friday 6 March 2015

Travel: Covent Garden (Shake Shack experience and Whittard of Chelsea)

Shake Shack outdoor seating in Covent Garden

Hello beautiful earthlings~
So this is going to be my last post of our London trip! I bet all of you are saying "finally"! Sorry took me a while to finish these London travel posts.

The main reason why we went to Covent Garden was to eat at Shake Shack. First, we do not have that glorious burger joint here in Ireland and second, well it is JongUp's (B.A.P. holla to my fellow bunnies babies) fave!

It was my first at Shake Shack and we didn't exactly pick a suitable day since it was a cold, rainy day in London. And Shake Shack's seating were outdoors but it does not matter since the food was AMAZING!

After I said what I wanted to order over the counter, the staff gave me one of these "little things". It would vibrate and light up when my order is ready to be collected in their collection area.

You have no idea how happy we all were when our "little thing" started vibrating and started lighting up. Excuse the blurred photo. I was in a hurry to get to my burger so forgive me m(_ _)m

Look at this bad boy! Isn't he gorgeous and mouthwatering?!

According to my friend and sistar Bianca that Shake Shack is well known for their fries because of its cut.
Again, I aplogize for the out of focus photo of the cheese fries.

I ordered the burger called Shack Stack. It is a cheeseburger plus a shroom burger, tomato and lettuce. You can view their menu here.

Looking at these photos makes me crave for it and it is sad that it is in our neighbouring country. Seriously,Dublin needs to have Shake Shack here but then again, Ireland would be too cold for outdoor seating during the winter times.

After our amazing lunch, the rest of our group went home due to the bad weather. My sistars and I decided to stay back and go to Whittard.  They specialize in tea, coffee and china sets.

We were so delighted that they were giving out hot, small samples of their tea. It kept me from shaking due to the cold! Their Summer Pudding smelt so good but the taste was not my cup of tea (pun intended).  I tried another tea but I cannot remember what it was.

If only I had money and my own place, I would have splurged and bought their china! It still is in my wishlist to buy me cute teapot sets and have afternoon tea with my ladies.

They were having an Alice in Wonderland themed tea sets. I don't know if it is still ongoing but I find this so adorable! And smart in a way since Alice in Wonderland had a tea party scene.

I was intrigued and excited to see this in their store.  I appreciate how they also appreciate Chinese New Year and came out with a green tea line if I am correct.  I wish tea places here in Ireland would do something like this. Maybe they do that is unknown to me.

Their wall of hot chocolate powder.  I also managed to try a sample of their hot chocolate and it was so good! It has that rich chocolatey flavour but it does not leave a sandy feeling in your tongue. I have tried hot chocolate that does that and it is not good.

After Whittards, we went to Piccadilly for last minute gift/food shopping .

I hope you all enjoyed reading this post. Show some love by commenting down below and I would totally appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.

Peace & Love!

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