Friday 13 March 2015

Travel: Party in the past in History Studios, London

Hello beautiful earthlings!

I lied in my last travel post saying that THAT London travel post was the last.  I completely forgot our little party in the Victorian Era at History Studios.  We wanted to do something different that the ordinary mass tourist would not do when in London.  The History Studios is located in Trocadero Shopping centre in Piccadilly Circus.  It is just across Tokyo Toyz.

This studio is dedicated at taking "Old Time Portraits". They dress you up in beautiful costumes from the olden times.  I did not have that much photos around the studio since photography inside is prohibited. I was being a rebel doing such a thing with my ninja bad photography skills.

The photos above are the set of your choice of era.  The choices were the Wild West, Flapper/20's, Victorian and Tudor.   We chose Victorian of course!

This is the Wild West background setting.  This was where our photos were taken since we were such a big group. They pulled a backdrop to cover the Wild West to make our photo more Victorian-esque.

The ladies all huddled up in for picking which dress to wear

It only took two seconds for the guys to get their outfit and accessories ready (not really but you know the idea) but for the ladies, it was quite a process.

We were given a book filled with photos of models wearing the available dresses we could try on.  After what it seems like 100 days of debating which dresses we should wear, we were called to the fitting room one by one.  One of the staff helped us to put the dresses on.

After the dress, we were given options on what accessories to wear from gloves, hats, jewellery to parasols.  In their store and website, they advertise that they also do the make-up but they did not do that with our group.  I am guessing we were such a big group that time would run out.

Then, the photographer organized us to our positions. For the first photo, she told us to give her our serious faces. After that, we did a little role play like talking to the person beside us.

My baby sister (the one in yellow/custard longs sleeved dress) found herself with no one to talk to so she tapped our friend in fuchsia pink to talk to her. I made a little gif to see how funny it was.

How cute were we?

The photographer then wanted to change our  original position for more variety.  She gave us more props like the tea cup sets for the ladies to play around with. We just had to say yes because we are tea people haha!  The guys were given a book and a magnifying glass. 

We look like we came from a Filipino teleserye but with Victorian dresses on.

We did get solo shots. I quite don't like mine due to the double chin *hides face in shame* but I was in a Victorian dress and it was the only thing that mattered then! Haha also I am not that photogenic and I am awkward at posing as you all know from OOTD posts haha

We role played in those photo as well. My best friend in yellow at the middle was the queen and we were her royal subjects! 

We had 55 shots in total.  We changed back to our modern time clothing (boring I know) and sat near the computers where we were shown the photos.  We then had to pick which was our favourite to print

We were given a bunch of options on what to do with our photos.  You can check their website for the price list.  We were initially offered a price of £200 plus and it was WAY out of out budget.  We said we'd just settle for one print which was around £80 since we were a large group.  We asked them if it was possible to get a digital copy instead but the staff said no.  However, the staff made us an offer saying she can give us a print photo each PLUS a digital copy of all the photos for £160 since she probably saw it in our face that we loved all the photos no matter how goofy we were.

This was the original photo we chose to get printed.

They then edited it with photoshop.  We fell in love at how our printed photo and other photos came out.

We really enjoyed doing this little "cosplay".  And we recommend it to anyone who is interested in doing something different. We are planning to go back and do the Wild West theme.

I hope you enjoyed this photo-heavy post.  Let me know of what you think in the comment below!

Peace & Love!

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